Blackjack Switch: How to Play the Game

Every once in a while, when players get a bad hand, they wish they could get a different card. This game offers exactly that chance. Invented in 1999 by Geoff Hall, this variation is based on traditional blackjack but has a few specific rules. Most notably, it offers the chance to switch two cards, and thus get a better hand. That option along with the low house edge makes the game a player favorite. Before you head over to some of the best blackjack switch casinos to try it, have a look at our overview of its rules.

The Blackjack Switch Rules

The first thing you'll notice is that you have to play two hands rather than one. That means double the wager but also double the chance of winning. Once you place your wagers, the objective is what you would expect – get a hand that’s closer to twenty-one than that of the dealer. Blackjack pays 1:1, instead of the usual 3:2 but then again, this variant makes it more likely to get a twenty-one. The dealer hits a soft 17, and the player is allowed to double and split.

The Switch Option Explained

So, you have to play two hands at the same time, but you can switch the second cards if you believe that would improve your hands. That's the definitive rule for this variation. However, bear in mind that if you get a blackjack after a switch, it will be considered twenty-one, not a natural. That means that your hand will be subject to a different payout and the push 22 rule as well.

Push 22

According to the blackjack switch rules, the dealer will push if they get a hand that adds up to twenty-two. The push applies to any of your winning hands besides a natural. In a way, this variation follows the sentiment that twenty-two is more than twenty-one, and that is unique. As any blackjack player knows, in most game variations,having a hand valued at 22 means the dealer will bust.

The Super Match Side Bet

Last but not least, this variation offers a fun side bet. It takes into account your first four cards, so it doesn't apply to any extra cards you might draw if you hit. The super match side bet is a chance to get some sweet additional benefits from your cards, independent from the main game winnings. This cool side bet offers some exciting payouts, which are as follows:

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What's the Casino Edge?

The game-specific rules, such as 22 push and the 1:1 blackjack payout, may make this variation seem less player-friendly. Even so, Blackjack Switch has an extremely favorable casino edge. The typical house advantage is 0.58% for a six-deck game and 0.60% for an eight-deck game. Mind you, side bets increase the house edge. Despite that drawback, they are extremely popular among players at online blackjack switch sites. But if you want to get the best odds possible, follow basic strategy and forget about the side bet.

Blackjack Switch Strategy

Learn how to play Blackjack Switch The decision to switch or not isn't as simple as it may seem at first. The first problem with it is that if you improve one hand, you're most likely going to make the other hand worse. Also, you still don't know what cards are in the deck if you decide to hit. Still, some hands make the decision quite obvious. For instance, in the case that you are dealt A-5 and 6-10, by choosing to switch, you will have a blackjack and an 11-valued hand, which isn't bad at all.

Not all decisions are that simple, though. Many calls are purely intuitive. Most people will aim to preserve the better hand. Unfortunately, it's not always that straightforward. You might be surprised that, according to the greatest theoreticians of this game, there are certain cases when it's statistically correct to break a natural. If you're in doubt, consult a strategy chart or a blackjack switch calculator – just make sure you're using the correct one with regards to the number of decks and the basic rules.

Blackjack Switch by Playtech

Playtech is the pioneer of blackjack switch online. Their game features their signature style – it's easy on the eye, intuitive, and functional. The color of the table can be changed by clicking on the brush icon. As far as stakes are concerned, the two play positions are connected. So, when you select a $25 wager, a total of $50 will be placed. The super match side bet is located in the middle. Here's how to play blackjack switch. Press the deal button, and you'll quickly get four cards. It's good to know that if you make a switch, you can go back and forth as many times as you like. Hit, split or double as you see fit. The moment you press stand on your second hand, the dealer will reveal their cards, and the game will be over.

Final Words

Respectable blackjack switch casinos make sure they offer this game variation. It is fun and easy, and you'll get the hang of its special rules in no time. The switch rule is quite exciting, especially in the cases when it lets you form two strong hands. There's even a side bet, which offers the chance to walk away with a 40:1 payout. Finally, if you play by the book, you'll end up with the blackjack variation with the lowest house edge.

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